Message from the President

Image: PARBICA President, Mr Opeta Alefaio

PARBICA President, Mr Opeta Alefaio

Bula and welcome to the PARBICA website. We hope you will visit us regularly to keep up to date with important developments in the archives field as we explore and share experiences on how to protect, and publicise important Pacific heritage, and reflect on cost effective and impactful ways to improve information governance in the region.

There are very many 'problems' facing Pacific archives, but this also means there are many 'opportunities' for us to demonstrate our value, and various means for us to show that we can 'think ahead' for the benefit of our people. It is a very exciting time to be an archivist or information manager! Through this webpage and other communication channels we hope to share such stories, and hear any feedback you may have on how we can improve or share information about any opportunities to collaborate with you or others.

I hope you will continue to visit us, and join us in our quest to secure and improve access to Pacific heritage/information.

Vinaka Vakalevu,


Mr Opeta Alefaio
Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives