PARBICA 17 – Archives Engaged: Personal, professional, political


On behalf of the PARBICA Bureau we extend a warm welcome to you to participate in PARBICA's Seventeenth Biennial Conference from 4 to 7 September 2017 in Suva, Fiji.

PARBICA 17 provides an opportunity for the archivists and records managers of the Pacific Islands region, Australia and New Zealand to renew professional contacts and share experiences with others who often work in isolation. PARBICA's inaugural meeting took place in Suva in 1981 and the last time Fiji hosted the conference was 11 years ago, in 2005. We look forward to welcoming you in Suva.

Mr Opeta Alefaio
President, PARBICA

Conference Theme

These are truly exciting times for our profession, especially for us here in the Pacific. While fundamental activities such as preservation, description and disaster preparedness continue to be ongoing concerns, it is an organisation's ability to face outward and engage with external parties that has the greatest potential for generating growth and increasing sustainability.

There are three obvious levels of engagement at which organisations can aim. Firstly, public engagement; where organisations develop outreach programmes to help people make personal connections with the considerable heritage in their care. Secondly, engagement with professional stakeholders; where new and ongoing relationships and partnerships are built with key communities or sectors, such as the education sector, art sector, or a group of record creators. Thirdly, strategic engagement; where organisations establish productive political relationships with senior government officials, politicians, or funding and advocacy bodies.

There is also a need for organisations to engage with current issues, opportunities and challenges. Current examples include the potential impact of climate change on our sector and disaster preparedness. Disaster preparedness not only applies to physical records, but is also important to consider for digital records, particularly when digitisation requires heavy investment and generates new assets to maintain.

In our region we have a wealth of examples of progressive engagement practice at all these levels, and we invite you to participate in the discussion at PARBICA 17. Come and share your own ideas and experiences.

Programme Overview

The programme will be structured with a mixture of conference sessions and practical training workshops. Conference content is expected to include topics such as engagement strategies and the implementation of engagement programmes(physical and virtual), building professional and strategic relationships. Workshops will cover topics including; disaster preparedness and UNESCO's Recommendation on Documentary Heritage.

PARBICA is working with members in Fiji on this shared event in order to provide an opportunity for members to network, discuss relevant issues and share ideas for common solutions. All participants will be expected to engage actively in the conference, to speak and to contribute.

Delegates will also have opportunities to take part in visits to cultural institutions, including the National Archives of Fiji, and other cultural experiences that Suva has to offer.

For centuries Fiji has been a Pacific hub for the trade of ideas, languages, cultural practices and objects. In this modern transformational world, we invite you to come and exchange your knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of all members and partners.

Conference Objectives

PARBICA has held sixteen successful conferences since its foundation in 1981. Knowledge gained at the conferences is taken back to the islands of the region by participants to inform their work and to provide in-country training for other archives and records staff. PARBICA 17 is an opportunity for:

  • Training, professional development and identification of concrete implementation plans in areas identified as most necessary by PARBICA's members
  • Strategic planning for the next two years of PARBICA's work to improve the conditions of archives and recordkeeping in the Pacific
  • Presentation of results and discussion of next stages for PARBICA's current projects
  • Reports on the range of activities being undertaken by Pacific archives and recordkeeping organisations
  • Networking and meeting colleagues working in the same field across the Pacific

About Parbica

The Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (PARBICA) was formed in 1981 and carries out the aims of the International Council on Archives (ICA) in the Pacific Region. PARBICA has around 100 members and represents government agencies, non-government organisations, and individuals working in the field of archives or records management in over twenty nations, states and territories in the Pacific.

More Information

For information or if you're interested in being involved in PARBICA 17, please check this website or contact:

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