Call for papers

The PARBICA Bureau extends a call for papers for the upcoming PARBICA 17 conference in Suva, Fiji, 4–7 September 2017: Archives Engaged: Personal, professional, political.

These are truly exciting times for the archives and recordkeeping profession, especially for us here in the Pacific. While fundamental activities such as preservation, description and disaster preparedness continue to be ongoing concerns, it is an organisation's ability to face outward and engage with external parties that has the greatest potential for generating growth and increasing sustainability. We need to draw more allies to our cause by looking for ways to engage, whether through public and stakeholder engagement, or adding value through strategic engagement.

Papers are invited on any of the following topics, or on other activities at your organisation:

  • Public engagement through physical outreach activities (such as roadshows, exhibitions, visits etc.), using digital technology (digitisation, social media etc.), or information legislation
  • Stakeholder engagement, such as building successful relationships with groups like records creators, artistic communities etc.
  • Strategic engagement to achieve outcomes for your organisation like new archive buildings, new information legislation, increases in resources etc.

For more information on the conference theme and objectives please see the attached brochure or visit the conference page on our website.

Please provide the following in your submission:

  1. A title for the session
  2. A brief (1–3 paragraphs) explanation of what the session will cover and how the session will address the theme
  3. Proposed length of session
  4. A biography for the speaker(s) (1–2 paragraphs)
  5. Author information including name, position, organisation and contact details

Proposals must be submitted by 9 June 2017

There is no obligation to do so, but if speakers wish to supply a full written paper to the PARBICA Bureau they will be considered for publication on the PARBICA website and/or in PARBICA's annual publication Panorama.

To submit your proposal or for more information please contact:
Talei Masters, PARBICA Secretary General
Email: Phone: +64 4 894 6079

Conditions for participation

PARBICA is not in a position to offer financial support to speakers or presenters for travel, accommodation or related costs, and no speakers' fees are payable.


All candidates will be notified of acceptance or otherwise via email by the end of June 2017 at the latest. The decision of acceptance of abstracts is at the discretion of the PARBICA Bureau.

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