ICA Congress 2016

The quadrennial International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress was held in Seoul, South Korea, from 5–10 September 2016. The theme of the Congress was Archives, Harmony and Friendship.

Congress Papers and Posters

Image: Florida Tamu and Atarino Helieisar at the 2016 ICA Congress. Photo: Fiona Gunn

Florida Tamu and Atarino Helieisar at the 2016 ICA Congress. Photo: Fiona Gunn

A number of PARBICA members presented papers and posters at the ICA Congress.

Download the presentation slides:

PARBICA Bursaries

Bursaries to attend the ICA Congress were awarded to PARBICA members Atarino Helieisar from the Supreme Court Library of the Federated States of Micronesia, and Florida Tamu from the Solomon Islands National Museum.

Florida has written about her experiences at the ICA Congress:

The Seoul Declaration

At the conclusion of the Congress, the President of the National Archives of Korea, Mr Sang-Jin Lee and the President of the International Council on Archives, Mr David Fricker, jointly signed and released "Archives, Harmony and Friendship: Sustaining the Spirit of Seoul".

The Seoul Declaration saw records and archives professionals reaffirm their determination to make a powerful contribution to modern society in the digital age by sharing their professional knowledge to the fullest possible extent, in a true spirit of 'Harmony and Friendship'. In the light of the challenges and opportunities presented by all the above initiatives, the Congress participants called on the International Council on Archives to ensure that the spirit of co-operation is nurtured and sustained throughout the records and archives profession in the coming years.

The full text of the Seoul Declaration is available here.