The 2017 Panorama Annual, cover art by Vaimaila Urale

28 Sep 2017

The latest Panorama Annual

We've received many compliments on the beautiful cover art of the 2017 PARBICA Panorama Annual, and our deepest gratitude goes to artist Vaimaila Urale and Sanderson Contemporary for allowing us to use images of these very special artworks.

Artist - Vaimaila Urale

Vaimaila Urale was born in Fagamalo, Samoa, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Her art practice is strongly identifiable by use of four universal keyboard symbols < > / \ to create the template for her artworks. These symbols have two defined cultural references; firstly, they represent Samoan symbols used in pre-colonial art forms such as tapa (bark cloth), tatau (tattooing) and lapita pottery. Secondly, they reference ASCII art also known as text based visual art which transpired as an early form of computer image making. Her methodical use of Samoan symbology has been used across a diverse range of media, including digital prints, video, ceramics, murals and tattoos.

Sanderson Contemporary is based in Auckland and supports contemporary artists in their practice. Sanderson Contemporary builds appreciation of artworks and stimulates ongoing dialogue between artists and patrons.

You can see more of Vaimaila Urale's wonderful artworks on Sanderson Contemporary's website: