Second student reflection on PARBICA 17

5 Dec 2017

(IMG) Second student reflection on PARBICA 17

At the end of October, we featured an article on the PARBICA 17 reflections of one of our student volunteers from the University of the South Pacific, Penina Waqatabu. You can recap Penina's reflections here.

We're very pleased that a second student volunteer, Ariti Gabriella Taufaga, has shared her thoughts on PARBICA 17. Ariti is an i-Taukei history student who recently graduated from the University of the South Pacific.

In Ariti's own words:

"As a history student, archives are very important during research in collecting data on specific topics within your country or your place of study.

During the conference, librarians, archivists and other historians shared some important points about the archive, also their experiences in collecting data, persevering documents or items that was collected, how to maintain it, some safety precautions to take during natural disasters that could safe the archive and all the documents which are stored in it, and most of all how to carry out interviews the proper way.

The most inspiring presentation for me was done by Ms Catherine Green who spoke about orphanages. I was struck by how difficult it was for her to help her interviewees speak out. For me it showed that collecting data is a difficult task but once it's collected we must make sure to store it in a safe place, which is why the archives are so important.

All in all, from my two-day experience at the PARBICA conference 2017, I am convinced that students and youths should get involved in this kind of activity so they too could learn the importance of an archive."

We thank you for your inspiring words on the importance of archives, Ariti.