The International Archives Day 2013 in Tonga

May 2013

The Committee has agreed to the proposed theme "Our museums, archives and libraries - networking past and present information for the future."

Although Tonga is new to establishing associations of archives- this year is significant to the Country as it moves towards a bill for Freedom of Information- ensuring that improved records and archives management is key to better service provision, highlight the importance of archives. Tonga's own International Archives marking will feature:

  • Presentations of materials/resources by renowned libraries, archives and Government agencies in Tonga;
  • Small stakeholders exhibitions of vital records and artifacts, historical documents and publications and panel discussions on key topics of interest;
  • Promotional awards for displays/presentations.

This recognition of IAD 2013 will hopefully formalize Tonga's membership in the regional PARBICA and relevant bodies.

Full coverage of the IAD 2013 will be available on the Government Portal site from 10 June: