Digital recordkeeping workshop delivered in Ghana

10 Dec 2015

In September, Cassie Findlay from Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd (Australia) travelled to Ghana to deliver a digital recordkeeping workshop based on the PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit. The workshop followed previous Toolkit training delivered in Ghana by PARBICA in May 2011.

Hosted by the Public Records & Archives Administration Department of the National Archives of Ghana, the workshop saw 30 participants from the National Archives, and other records specialists in the Ghanaian Government, build on their digital recordkeeping capability and develop skills in delivering recordkeeping training.

A report on the workshop was presented to the ICA Program Committee during the ICA 2015 Conference; once again, exampling the wide influence of the PARBICA Toolkit. A detailed report on the workshop can be viewed below.

Digital Recordkeeping training, Ghana

Downtime during the workshop in Ghana

Public Records and Archives Administration Department, Ghana:

Report on delivery of PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit 'Train the trainer' Digital Recordkeeping Workshop