International Archives Day 2013 in the Pacific

10 Jul 2013

The 6th International Archives Day was celebrated by ICA members around the world on 9 June 2013. The date for International Archives Day reflects the date on which the ICA was created, 9 June 1948. So this year the day marked the ICA's 65th anniversary.

Archive institutions and professional associations organise activities and events on this day every year. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of records and archives to our cultural heritage and as information resources for business, accountability and societal memory.

At the PARBICA 14 conference attendees resolved to celebrate International Archives Day on June 9 in order to raise awareness of the role of archives in preserving the memory of the Pacific. Here are some examples of the activities and events organised in the Pacific.


The Archives of the Congregation of the Daughters Of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Kiribati held a mini International Archives Day celebration. Invitation were sent to diifferent government ministries. Among the attendees were the Director of the Kiribati Cultural Centre and staff from the National Archives. This event has raised the profile of PARBICA in Kiribati.

New Zealand

Archives New Zealand held a staff celebration event and featured a tweet each day of the week prior to International Archives Day. Each tweet showcased a staff member's favourite archive. You can check out the tweets. See ArchivesNZ's twitter feed.

PARBICA Secretary General Anna Gulbransen took the opportunity to share a great Pacific archive – the 1959 film A New Day in Samoa.


The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture hosted the first International Archives Day event since Samoa's Archives Unit was established. The Ministry's Chief Executive Officer gave a keynote address highlighting the importance of records as evidence of actions and decisions. The event was included in the newspaper the following weekend.


The Information Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications with a National Planning Committee obtained special funding to celebrate International Archives Day for the first time this year. It was marked on 10 June and received a lot of interest and support. Both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister gave speeches linking good recordkeeping to their Freedom of Information Policy and the kingdom's history, pride and identity.

There was an all day public event in Nuku'alofa with presentations and exhibitions, including contributions from the public. The event was very high profile and received excellent publicity beforehand. For more information please see:


The National Archives and Library of Tuvalu were hosting a recordkeeping training workshop during the week of International Archives Day, 6-12 June. Workshop participants gathered for a special International Archives Day photo. After the programme was completed, a presentation was made to the Development Consultative Committee, in an effort to raise awareness amongst the Permanent Secretaries of why good recordkeeping is essential for good governance.

For more information, please see the article on this website about the training workshops.