The ICA's new President inaugurated

29 October 2014

Mr David Fricker, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia, took up his four-year term as President of the International Council on Archives (ICA) at the recent ICA General Assembly held in Girona, Spain in October.

Mr Fricker addressed the 150 delegates at the meeting, taking the opportunity to thank the outgoing President and to outline his vision for the ICA over the next four years.

'We have a strong constitution and high level of professional solidarity as well as strong networks. What we need now is to adopt a more outwardly focused policy to become more influential players in areas of public policy, especially concerning the collection and accessibility of information.'

Mr Fricker sees information as the world's new economic resource - 'The vast amount of information that we humans now make, keep, find and use, is what differentiates this century from other periods of our history. Information, and our control over it, defines the ability of governments to work with transparency, integrity and security; it also defines the extent to which individuals enjoy privacy, access to justices and prosperity.'

Archivists and information managers are information specialists who can work with governments, business and the broader community to help ensure that this valuable resource is properly understood and managed - 'With the ICA's growing strengths, the organisation is now poised to become increasingly influential across all spheres of industry, academia and government. I am proud to be president at a time when the world needs ICA to find solutions for the challenges that our digital world continues to create'.

On the local front, the President mentioned the great value he places on the active work being done by the ICA's branches and confirms that the ICA needs to invest in their vitality and valued propositions.

We look forward to PARBICA's close association with the new ICA President - a current member of the PARBICA community and a trusted friend to the Pacific region.