ICA Congress 2012 – It's a wrap

The 2012 International Congress on Archives, hosted by the National Archives of Australia, was held in Brisbane from 20-24th August this year and has been deemed a resounding success.

As well as the eminent keynote speakers, the program featured over 200 additional speakers from all aspects of the archives and information management professions. Attended by over 1,000 delegates from nearly 100 countries, participants where emerged in a highly organised and insightful array of presentations, workshops, business meetings and social events. Aimed at creating discourse and collaboration for archival professionals in the 21st century, the Professional Program explored many of the changes and challenges facing archivists today; the flood of contemporary information, varying formats and technological development and increased demands for access to information.

PARBICA was well represented throughout the Congress. A number of Category A members were successful in obtaining limited funding support to attend the Congress by the generous support of the National Archives of Australia, NZ Aid and the International Council on Archives. Helen Walker, Mark Crookston (standing in for Anna Gulbransen) and Opeta Alefaio delivered a well-attended presentation on the PARBICA toolkit and were joined by Marc Trille, Christine Martinez and the Minister of the Public Service in Burkina Faso, Mr Soungalo Ouattara, who gave a compelling presentation on how the adaptation and translation of the Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit for French-speaking countries has found deep-interest and implementation in a number of countries in Africa and now also in Haiti in the Caribbean.

A PARBICA business meeting was held on Tuesday 21 August which presented a chance for current and past members and supporters of PARBICA to meet and discuss our present position and aims, especially in reviewing the PARBICA business plan for the coming years.

A number of our members including the PARBICA President Amela Silipa were interviewed during the Congress by Flying Reporter Salote Vuki from the Office of the Public Service Commission, Kingdom of Tonga. The interviews, and another with the Director-General of the National Archives of Australia, can be viewed below:

Please visit the ICA Congress Website for access to full papers and official photographs of the event. You can still access the social media streams here.

Videos from the event

Interview of Amela Silipa, PARBICA President and Principal Archives Officer of the National Archives of Western Samoa

Interview of Julian Chonigolo, National Archivist of the National Archives of Solomon Islands

Interview of Naomi Ngirakemerang, Director of Bureau of National Archives of the Republic of Palau

Interview of Vicky Puipui, National Archives of Papua New Guinea

Interview of David Fricker, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia