Palau embarks on records assessment project

June 2013

The Bureau of Palau National Archives embarks on initiating its Survey analysis and Assessment of records project.

The Bureau of Palau National Archives under the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs finaly allocated local funding to assists in their Palau/AusAid Grant funding to start implementing and initiating their long awaited Survey Analysis and Assessment of records project.

The Archives has solicited a 20 footer shipping container that is now being transferred to the Archives office ground area at Ked, Airai State where the shipping container will be upgraded into a working condition. The Government records located at the Supply Warehouse Holding Area at Malakal has been transferred to Civic Center and Archives office at Airai State awaiting this shipping container to be transferred to the Archives office.

Mr. Brandon Oswald from Island Council on Archives Support (ICAS) San Diego, California, is due to arrive on June 23rd, 2013 to assists in the initial implementation phase of the project. The Archives was fortunate to have received funding from the Palau/Aus Small Grant Scheme 2011 funding of 12,557.26 for our upcoming project. Also received from International Council on Archives (ICA) funding for international developments on Archives (FIDA) is Euros 5000 for the Archives Record Manager to attend an Archival training with Archives New Zealand between 20 September and 15 October 2012.

The Archives upcoming project is based on the PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit Guidelines and Modules. The Bureau of Palau National Archives is mandated to protect and preserved all the Palau Government Records and it is one of its duties and responsibilities to promulgate section 411 and 416 of the Archives Legislation RPPL 3-38, to establish a record management program, its policies and regulations.