PARBICA 14: Evidence and Memory in a Digital Age

The PARBICA family was reunited for PARBICA 14: Evidence and Memory in a Digital Age. Over 100 attendees from 18 countries met for a week of presentations, discussions and workshops, which addressed some of the challenges and risks related to managing information in a digital age. We also continued to work on developing the capacity and competencies required to support and improve recordkeeping in the Pacific Region using our Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit.

Parbica 14 participants
Parbica 14 participants

Conference participants reported they would be taking the conference learning back to their respective countries to up skill the recordkeepers and information professionals in their governments. Concrete action identified included; work around developing disaster preparedness guidance and enabling greater access to information through utilising digital technologies and promoting digital literacy.

The conference reconfirmed that strong systems for the creation and management of records and the preservation of archives are key foundations of sustainable economic development and good business practice, as well as essential to support good governance and collective memory in all countries, states and territories in the Pacific region.

The PARBICA bureau has undergone a period of change as we have farewelled Setareki Tale, Adrian Cunningham and Mark Crookston. On behalf of the membership I would like to express our thanks for the significant contributions made by Seta, Adrian and Mark.

A new Bureau was elected at PARBICA 14. The bureau comprises:

  • President: Ms Amela Silipa, Samoa
  • Vice President: Ms Dianne Macaskill, New Zealand
  • Secretary General: Ms Anna Gulbransen, New Zealand
  • Treasurer: Ms Helen Walker, Australia
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ms Fleur Jamet, Australia
  • Member: Ms Naomi Ngirakamerang, Palau
  • Member: Ms Julian Chonigolo, Solomon Islands
  • Member: Mr Opeta Alefaio, Fiji
  • Editor: Ms Karin Brennan, Australia

The Bureau has taken the conference resolutions and is developing a business plan which focuses on 5 key areas – Professional Development and Education, Co-operation and Advocacy, Governance and Membership, Recordkeeping for Good Governance, and Archival Capability.

PARBICA has experienced a period of great productivity and significant support from our funding partners. We have achieved great things for recordkeeping in the Pacific through the Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit. The focus of the Bureau is now on consolidating this great work and looking for ways to implement the toolkit across the Pacific.

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