Message of thanks from Simiang Bunem – Storikipa crowdfunding campaign

8 Nov 2017

Late last year, PARBICA launched the Storikipa crowdfunding campaign to fund Simiang Bunem to attend the PARBICA 17 conference in Fiji. Simiang is the Officer in Charge of Records and Information Services Branch of the Department of Implementation and Rural Development of Papua New Guinea.

The response to the crowdfunding campaign was very positive and we thank all the friends of PARBICA who helped Simiang travel to Fiji to access the professional development opportunities at PARBICA 17.

Simiang Bunem - Parbica 17

Simiang Bunem

Not only did Simiang enjoy attending the conference, she also overcame her nervousness to co-present a very well-received paper. You can view Simiang's presentation, co-written with Tukul Kaiku from the University of Papua New Guinea, via the link below.

Simiang also wanted to pass on a letter of thanks to her supporters, also below.

On behalf of all at PARBICA, we would like to thank all who contributed to the Storikipa campaign. Thanks to you all, Simiang was able to extend her knowledge on archives and records management, and meet new friends and colleagues from archives across the Pacific.