Update from the Bureau – April 2014

30 April 2014

Business planning

Following on from the previous meeting, the Bureau has now agreed the revisions to its business plan for the period 2013-2015. It has also prepared more detailed action plans for two of the four functional areas of the business plan - 'Co-operation and Advocacy' and 'Governance and Membership'.  Action plans for the remaining two areas will be completed this period. These documents will enable Bureau members to communicate over and track the work of the business plan.

Update from the PARBICA Treasury

The Treasury reported to the Bureau on its progress in implementing the recommendations of the Treasury and Membership Review.  Members will note from their 2014 membership invoices that these are now in Australian dollars as agreed at PARBICA 15. The membership fees are also now quoted in Australian dollars on the membership web page. In addition, as planned, Category A-C members in Australia, New Zealand and Hawai'i and all Category D members have seen their fees increase this year. This is Stage 1 of the membership fee increase agreed at PARBICA 15. Stage 2 will see fee increases for all other members in 2015.

As noted at PARBICA 15, the Bureau and members will aim to make use of online channels to maintain our valuable network. However, Panorama can be a handy advocacy tool for members when communicating with their stakeholders. Members therefore agreed to a single annual printed edition. The Treasury are busy gathering content for the first annual edition, which will be published approximately a year after the last general conference of the membership in Honiara. If you have content to add to Panorama, please contact Parbica.Treasurer@naa.gov.au as soon as possible. In the meantime, please keep engaging with the PARBICA news web page, Facebook page and listserve.

PARBICA good recordkeeping

The Bureau agreed to the Secretariat developing a recordkeeping framework for the PARBICA Bureau. This is to help ensure the branch continues to run effectively. The approach will be to assess existing resources and tools for suitability and make recommendations as to the selection or adaptation of the ones most fit for purpose. The exercise will build on work already undertaken by the PARBICA Treasury in 2006 and 2013 and be in close consultation with the National Archives of Fiji, where the PARBICA archives are held.


The Bureau began early planning for the next PARBICA conference, which will be in 2015. No members offered to host this at the last conference, so a request for proposals will be issued soon. In the meantime, if you have any ideas on PARBICA 16, please contact PARBICA.Secretariat@dia.govt.nz

The next Bureau meeting will be held by teleconference on Tuesday 1 July 2014.