Update from the Bureau – October 2014

29 October 2014

The Bureau met by teleconference on 23 September 2014.

Update from the PARBICA Treasury

The Bureau confirmed two new memberships. 

16th PARBICA Conference in 2015 

The Bureau has been engaged in efforts to find a host for PARBICA 16. No firm commitments came either from a call for expressions of interest or from direct attempts to reach out to potential hosts. Alternative options were discussed by the Bureau and it was agreed to investigate the association of PARBICA 16 with the 2015 Archives and Records Association of New Zealand (ARANZ) conference. The event is scheduled for Auckland New Zealand in the week of 7 September 2015. Conversations about this proposal have begun between PARBICA and ARANZ.

Working in partnership

The Bureau discussed a number of opportunities for partnership work under its 'Co-operation and Advocacy' section of the business plan. This included a discussion around working with the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme on ideas for documentary heritage funding in our region. The Bureau also discussed project funding applications that it has been asked to provide feedback on, particularly an interesting one around audio-visual archives.

The next Bureau meeting will be held by teleconference on Tuesday 2 December 2014.