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PARBICA Panorama Annual – the story behind the cover image

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The PARBICA Panorama Annual has been mailed out to members this week, and we’ve already received lots of comments about its beautiful cover art.

We were thrilled and honoured when Niuean/New Zealand artist John Pule allowed us to use his image “One memory lies within me” for the cover. As one of the most celebrated artists of the “New Oceania” movement, John’s work challenges traditional form but also reimagines heritage and Pacific arts.

John Pule, Artist. Photographer: Tobias Kraus

John’s work is currently being exhibited as part of a major exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. John’s work is represented by the Gow Langsford Gallery, and you can see more of his amazing works on their website: https://www.gowlangsfordgallery.co.nz/artists/john-pule

One memory lies within me: John Pule, 2017, oils, enamels, inks and polyurethane on canvas

“Most ideas come from living things. The best ideas come from where I come from. Where I was born is a spectacular event in itself, and that is dazzling for me as an idea.”

John Pule, 2014