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PARBICA Bureau changes

PARBICA is pleased to announce the new Bureau structure now in place due to the previous President, Ms Amela Silipa, stepping down due to personal issues. This structure was confirmed at the Bureau meeting of 19 April 2023. We are pleased that Amela will stay on the Bureau to assist Ms Julian Chonigolo.

President: Ms Julian Chonigolo, Solomon Islands. Julian was elected as a Bureau Member in 2021 and steps up to fill the role vacated by Amela.

Vice-President: Timoci Balenaivalu, Fiji

Bureau members:

Natalie Vaha’akolo, Secretary-General, New Zealand

David Swift, Treasurer, Australia

Ms Amela Silipa, Samoa. Amela, as Vice-President, steps into the role vacated by Noa.

Opeta Alefaio, Fiji

Kari James, Australia