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Sharing knowledge

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it
Margaret Fuller, 1810-1850, Journalist, Critic and Women’s Rights Activist

Sharing knowledge is critical to building strong, efficient and effective communities. To support and promote the goals of the PARBICA community, this section draws together a variety of resources that can be used by archivists and records managers to build regional capacity and ensure the effective management of our Pacific archival heritage.

If you have any stories, articles, books, resources or comments you would like to add to this section, please send an email with your contribution to PARBICA.Secretariat@dia.govt.nz.

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All PARBICA’s publications can be found here including PARBICA’s renowned Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit.

Useful resources

Use our useful resources section to access vital links and information about Training resources, Key partners, Disaster preparedness, Digitisation and Conservation.

Grants and scholarships

Our grants and scholarships section provides information about sources of funding or volunteer assistance you may consider when seeking external funding or support.


PARBICA engages in projects to advance archival development and recordkeeping in the Pacific region. These projects are generally undertaken in partnership with allied organisations and sponsors.