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Key partners

International Council on Archives

The International Council on Archives (ICA) is a non-governmental organisation. The mission of the ICA is to promote the preservation and use of archives around the world. In pursuing this mission, ICA works for the protection and enhancement of the memory of the world and to improve communication while respecting cultural diversity.

UNESCO Archives

A key goal of UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector is to promote the free flow of ideas and universal access to information. Within the sector’s Access to knowledge theme sits UNESCO’s Archives agenda which includes their Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP) that aims to:

  • Make the general public and decision-makers aware of the importance of records and archives for planning and development safeguarding of the national heritage;
  • Assist Member States in the establishment of efficient records and archives management infrastructures through standardization, archival legislation, training, and enhancing infrastructure (buildings and equipment);
  • Promote international debates on main issues in the archival field.

More information can be found on UNESCO’s Archives page.

National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Commonwealth records in its care. The NAA has galleries, a reading room and offices in Canberra, Australia and a reading room and offices in each Australian state capital and Darwin, Australia.

Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures

Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) offers a facility for digital conservation and access for endangered materials from the Pacific region, defined broadly to include Oceania and East and Southeast Asia.

Archives of the Pacific and Pacific Partners