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A key activity of PARBICA is its General Conference. The conference provides a unique opportunity to make or renew professional contacts with other archivists who usually work in isolation. Delegates discuss common problems and explore possible solutions in small groups and plenary sessions. The focus is on drawing up recommendations and guidelines for use by archivists as well as for in-country training of archives and records management staff.

Following its inaugural meeting in Suva in 1981, PARBICA has held conferences every two years.

Upcoming Conference

PARBICA 19 – Connection and Resilience in the Digital Age

Every two years PARBICA holds a conference. These conferences provide a unique opportunity to make and renew professional contacts with other archivists working in the Pacific region.

PARBICA are pleased to announce that our next Conference, PARBICA19, will be held online over three days – 1 to 3 November 2021.

While we very much enjoy and appreciate the benefits of meeting in person, building relationships and hand-on training, the current worldwide pandemic situation means international travel is not an option in 2021. An online event will be different for us, but there are benefits:

  • more opportunities for members to attend
  • low cost participation
  • ability to engage international speakers
  • ability to pick and choose presentations and seminars of most interest

Day 1 will be for the General Conference, including Bureau elections, Bureau reports, Category A Member Reports and invited reports.

Day 2 and 3 will be filled with a variety of presentations on the theme Connection and Resilience in the Digital Age.

Call for Papers

The PARBICA Bureau extends a call for papers for the upcoming PARBICA 19 conference Connection and Resilience in the Digital Age.

These are challenging but stimulating times for the archives and recordkeeping profession, especially for us here in the Pacific. The rapid pace of technological advancement today is equal parts exciting, unpredictable and daunting and this has been accelerated in many nations by the COVID-19 pandemic. While fundamental activities such as preservation, description and disaster preparedness continue to be ongoing concerns, it is an organisation’s ability to pivot, respond to challenges, and build and maintain resilience in the face of continued change that has the greatest potential for generating growth, increasing sustainability and ensuring a long-term future for the profession.

Papers are invited on any of the following topics, or on other activities at your organisation:

  • Connection – how has your organisation maintained or built connection with its communities, using digital technologies (digitisation, social media etc.) or hybrid models? What challenges have you faced in maintaining connection, or adapting to to digital contact?
  • Resilience – has your organisation developed approaches to effectively manage adversity and foster future success? Think innovation in action, and ideas and initiatives to inspire and motivate others. What challenges have led to innovative solutions for your organisation? How might archivists and recordkeepers turn the challenges of rapid change into opportunities for new services or policies? What tools or technologies have you adopted to enable your organisation to continue to do its work?

Please provide the following in your submission:

  1. A title for the session
  2. A brief (1-3 paragraphs) explanation of what the session will cover and how the session will address the theme
  3. Proposed length of session
  4. A biography for the speaker(s) (1-2 paragraphs)
  5. Author information including name, position, organisation and contact details

Proposals must be submitted by Friday 24 September 2021.

There is no obligation to do so, but if speakers wish to supply a full written paper to the PARBICA Bureau they will be considered for publication on the PARBICA website and/or in PARBICA’s annual publication Panorama.

To submit your proposal or for more information please contact:
Lillie Le Dorré, PARBICA Secretary General
Email: parbica.secretariat@dia.govt.nz 
Phone: +64 4 894 6098

Conditions for participation

PARBICA is not in a position to offer financial support to speakers, and no speakers’ fees are payable. PARBICA 19 is a fully virtual conference, so presenters will be required to deliver their papers live online.


All candidates will be notified of acceptance or otherwise via email by on 30 September 2021. The decision of acceptance of abstracts is at the discretion of the PARBICA Bureau.

Past conferences

For information on past conferences, see the past conferences page.